The ACTION Experience

The ACTION series of sound centres all have a really cool slimline design. The series is created for homes and offices with a modern, youthful style - where the personality of music and film is important. An essential strength of ACTION design is that there is enough depth to place your tv on top. 

The essence of ACTION is that combines a really powerful bass speaker together with well positioned mid and hightone speakers which give you real 3D sound.

ACTION+ in black piano laquer

ACTION+ in black piano laquer

ACTION+ in black piano lacquer

ACTION+ in black piano lacquer



For those who prefer a minimalist home design, ACTION is the perfect sound system. The ACTION concept gives you a rich and high quality sound for your tv and home or office. ACTION also lets you share music from your mobile phone, tablet, gaming consol, BluRay player and most other devices.



There is something right about the purity of design that comes from Denmark and the purity of the sound that is created there. Simplicity of shape and form somehow translates well into simplicity in sound reproduction. You can see and hear the quality.

ACTION with Black Forest Veneer pattern

ACTION with Black Forest Veneer pattern



ACTION comes in a range of quality finishes. The baffle front part where the speakers are mounted always come in Sterling Grey finish.

The standard main cabinets are available in Silkeborg Light Veener or Black Forest Veener

ACTION Plus are in deep gloss surfaces. Concert Black or Bauhaus White

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ACTION+ in the deep gloss finish of Bauhau  s White

ACTION+ in the deep gloss finish of Bauhaus White



The astounding aesthetic of the bronze reflex ports on the SPECIAL EDITION version underlines the incredible value of this series . The ACTION series is already renowned for its great sound and design elegance. The ACTION SE takes that one step further. The advanced performance reflex ports, which are machined in solid bronze, really lift this sound centre to a new level. The sound tone is enhanced and the design effect is extraordinary. ACTION SE is remarkable even when it is switched off. It is never silent!

DN GRoup_06031725291 lodef.jpg


Dimensions: W 96 cm x D 30 cm x H 9,5 cm
Connectivity: BLUETOOTH, HDMI,  Digital Optical,
Analog RCA
Amplifier: 3 channels at 80 WATTS
Weight: 8,0 kg
Power Adaptor: 110 v - 240 v 50/60 Hz
Accessories: STEENSSEN Remote Control x 1
Instructional Manual, HDMI cable