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STEENSSEN speakers produce an amazingly dynamic sound, to enjoy the best of streaming, series and TV. The sound is specially designed using the most advanced digital electronics combined with sonic craftsmanship in acoustics. Even if you are not a sound expert, you can hear the difference in quality speakers right away!

Good speakers provide an extensive range of tones and sounds, making it possible to listen to your favourite music perfectly even at low noise levels. Our AIR, ACTION and TT SERIES have a built-in subwoofer. As a result, these sound bars are also considerably heavier than their alternatives.


Award winning design

Of course, a speaker is first and foremost about the quality of the sound: it must be of an exceptionally high level and fully meet the needs of the most demanding user. But since in many cases a speaker gets a prominent place in a home, the user makes understandable demands on the design of the speaker. And that is precisely where STEENSSEN stands out from other brands: the design and finish are of such a high level that the STEENSSEN speakers are a true feast for the eyes. The speakers are all designed by the award-winning DN design department in Denmark. This department has been classified by IF World Design Guide - a kind of Michelin guide for design - as a Premium Design office and has won more than 80 international design prizes in its history. They in turn ensure that the STEENSSEN speakers are a real eye-catcher and a true enrichment for any interior.

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Easy to use

During the design process of STEENSSEN speakers, everything revolves around incorporating the wishes of the final users into the end product. The result is always an 'all-in-one product' that is easy to install and use. No unnecessary buttons, but entirely created with unique features to give users maximum listening pleasure. For example, with the push of a button you can raise the bass if you want to dance and adjust the high sounds if you want to follow the news on TV. No apps to fiddle with and update. Just use and enjoy.
STEENSSEN works great with Siri and Alexa voice activation.


The mission of STEENSSEN is to make affordable speakers for any household that can appreciate better sound and crystal clear sound. To achieve this, we focus solely on technical specifications with added value. And that also means that costs - for example with regard to licenses - that do not directly contribute to the real sound quality, are eliminated immediately. This allows us to say that we are cheaper than the well-known market leaders while the quality of our speakers is higher.


A speaker creates the best sound when it is made from natural materials such as wood, bronze, steel, aluminium and rubber. That is why STEENSSEN makes maximum use of materials of natural origin, allowing us to attach great importance to sustainability. Although STEENSSEN speakers still contain a small percentage of plastics (these are 'designated' and traceable), we are proud to say that more than 90% of our used material is recyclable. We are not yet perfect, but our policy is aimed at achieving this in the long term.

Exclusive Design
Sound Hub Event
Sound Hub Event
Founder of STEENSSEN
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STEENSSEN in Struer warehouse
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