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Champagne Flowing

It’s an old tradition we have that goes way back. Everytime we get a significant design award, we crack open a bottle of bubbly. This week especially it was a relevant that I walk back and forth to the office rather than drive.

iF Design Award

The first one arrived on Wednesday (14th April 2021). The prestigious German iF Design Award, came thundering in. It was awarded to my client Blue Ocean Robotics in Denmark for whom I was external design consultant working with their development engineers. In 2019 we had designed a robot that kills all viruses and bacteria using ultra violet light. At the end of 2019, the Covid19 virus rampaged across the planet and Blue Ocean had already a Corona Killer robot ready to deploy. Wonderful timing.

Champagne Flowing

The iF Award is a bit like a Michelin Prize in the design world. So then on Thursday (15th April 2021), while I was wallowing in the warmth of gaining yet another of these star awards my peace was interrupted by the Chicago Athenaeum.