Danish design doesn’t have to be expensive. It just has to be good.

Author: Struer - City of Sound

Published on: 2 January 2020

Frederick Rickmann is a man with a plan. He set out on a mission to show the world what Danish design can be, now he wants to give people good sound quality at an affordable price, and he wants to do it all in Struer.

He looks busy as he extends his right arm in order to shake hands while still partly glancing at the phone in his left hand.

It might not be so strange if you take his background into account, though. A quick glance at Frederick Rickmann’s website paints a picture of a man who has worked in several countries, established several companies and created numerous award-winning designs.

And now he is in Struer, embarking on an adventure that, if all goes well, will mean Struer becomes home to yet another sound company which produces nearly everything within the city limit – almost mimicking the birth of the now world-famous Bang & Olufsen 94 years ago… (click the links below to read more)

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