STEENSSEN ACTION unpacking and review

I noticed the brand of STEENSSEN two years ago.

The day when I was travelling, I bought a magazine from train station that STEENSSEN pictures attracted my eyes because I was thinking to get rid of the fat heavy speakers and finding new concepts for a while. Strangely, Denmark is one of the countries which reputes on hi-fi products but most of them are rather old fashioned. Myself, I know I need good sound but not hi-fi nonsense.

Well, I have to admit that I forgot the brand afterwards until met STEENSSEN again at the exhibition. I loved all of them immediately but I visited STEENSSEN websites and selected ACTION.

The delivery was fast, the pictures below are the shipping packaging, it’s well-protected and strong, I was surprised when saw it.

Unpacking was exciting, you open the shipping box, there are 3 things front of you, on the left is a user manual and batteries, on the right is a connection cable, and the middle is a beautiful remote controller which is simple and elegant.

From above picture you can see the shipping packaging has been thinking carefully to protect the product.

The packaging design makes things easy that I took ACTION out of the box without any problems and it’s lighter than expected, the finishing is perfect, I was surprised again for the beautiful piano lacquer because it’s not only on visible surfaces but also the back and downside.

The pictures show its back label.

STEENSSEN ACTION’s clear interface is easy to connect to television with optical cable but I realized they have on-line support pages:

You will love the ‘feet’ of ACTION, they are in good quality and I am wondering how STEENSEEN give users so much luxury within user’s limited budget (I mean myself, hahaha…). From the picture, you can see the downside’s finishing is beautifully perfect.

The picture above is an important element to give ACTION good bass, it’s powerful but gentle which is good for me and its bass is on the same level of my heavy-fat old speakers. I am so pleased to refresh my living room with STEENSSEN. My wish list for new year is STEENSSEN AIR SE which is good for my bedroom.

The picture above is just a small detail which I like too, the ‘STEENSSEN of DENMARK’ printed humbly on the edge of ‘sound level indicator’ bar, it’s so nice. No wonder the designer has designed several hi-fi products for Dynaudio, DALI, JBL and all other well-known brands, he is really a design master, I learned it from STEENSSEN website, the designer is Frederick Rickmann.

The last thing before enjoy STEENSSEN ACTION, simply put the batteries into elegant remote controller and switch on ACTION, you now can easily link mobile phone with STEENSSEN through Bluetooth, it’s so fast that you won’t notice any waiting time.

From the remote controller, you can easily adjust volume strength.

Well, the installation is so easy that I have almost nothing to say, I am sorry about it.

But, maybe I can remind you that the protective cover on the cables and product, remember to take the cover off before you plug cables in.

The pictures were taken from my humble home, I was invited to write ‘unpacking experience’ by STEENSSEN but I am not a paid-blogger.

Wish you like my article and wish it’s helpful to you to know more about new lifestyle. (Written in May 2017)

PS. From STEENSSEN to our users: would you like to share your stories of using STEENSSEN with the others? Contact us for details, thanks in advance.

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