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STEENSSEN ACTION unpacking and review

I noticed the brand of STEENSSEN two years ago.

The day when I was travelling, I bought a magazine from train station that STEENSSEN pictures attracted my eyes because I was thinking to get rid of the fat heavy speakers and finding new concepts for a while. Strangely, Denmark is one of the countries which reputes on hi-fi products but most of them are rather old fashioned. Myself, I know I need good sound but not hi-fi nonsense.

Well, I have to admit that I forgot the brand afterwards until met STEENSSEN again at the exhibition. I loved all of them immediately but I visited STEENSSEN websites and selected ACTION.

The delivery was fast, the pictures below are the shipping packaging, it’s well-protected and strong, I was surprised when saw it.

Unpacking was exciting, you open the shipping box, there are 3 things front of you, on the left is a user manual and batteries, on the right is a connection cabl