Listening is the new together trend

In a world turned upside down it is refreshing to see that some of the things that bring us together are in fact some of the more traditional family pastimes. Lock-downs force us to be in social isolation with our families and households. We quickly find that the Insta's and Facebook's and Twitters in our smart phones are just too individually isolating and they fail terribly in the new situation when the household needs to be more cohesively together for longer periods. You could say that being apart, brings us together again.

To answer that need there has been a great uptake in jigsaw puzzles and board games. What really works however is listening together to e-books, tv, streaming series or podcasting. A combination of digital tech and joint family activities is the new trend to emerge.

Listening with kids is suddenly hugely educative to both generations. Concentration spans are developed and widened. The mental images of a story-line in an e-book or podcast are wonderfully expanding for young minds. Quality time in listening is shown to encourage the imagination to develop. For couples too.

Also in music. Headphones have kept us much too isolated and apart. A shared playlist shared on a good sound system is a huge plus. For adults and children alike, the ability to hear and appreciate music adds a dimension to the whole understanding. Most unexpectedly, singing together has also become one of the favourite pastimes and tv channels have not been slow to broadcast sing-along programmes. Naturally, a good hifi sound system is a big plus for you.

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