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Several STEENSSEN followers have raised the interesting question that there doesn't appear to be tweeter drivers included in the new NEO series. A tweeter is the speaker unit that produces high pitch tones, tones like a high guitar riff, violin tones and sounds link bird songs. Tweeters are very normal in high quality hifi products and so the question is quite natural for STEENSSEN's new product line.

Without disclosing too many confidential details at this stage, we can reveal that the new NEO range is equipped with a new generation of loudspeaker technology that follows closely on how sounds are created in real life, rather than the old fashioned way of thinking in the division of sound zones into high, middle and bass. We are using new types of speaker units that possess an acoustic versatility that is really outstanding. These have been tested with and without the addition of tweeters. The sonic tech measurements and also the personal listening tests all reveal that the tweeters are a negative element. The best sound is without tweeters. The sound test prototypes confirm that we have managed to design a naturally extended range of sonic flexibility which is so exciting that we are impatient to launch and get to you. You are going to enjoy NEO.

As you can see from the photos, the testing is carried out at our facilities at Soundhub Denmark where there are a number of acoustic environments for measurements. Much of the NEO testing and development is carried is a balanced simulated home environment. The chamber is totally insulated acoustically and built to reproduce the actual home surroundings of the users. This is done to achieve the highest level of real user satisfaction - rather than testing in a sonically sterile and clinical space. What you dream about hearing - is what you get.

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