Good Vibes from Buzzing Bees

Have you ever wondered about the sound of bees busily at work across a bed of blossoms?

The latest buzz from bees is that flowers not only attract them using colour, form and the scent of pollen. It now seems that flowers actually listen to and respond to the sound of the bees.

Perhaps most people have known this instinctively for years, but the latest research shows that flowers listen to the sound of the bees' buzzing and actively adjust the sweetness of the pollen to the activity of the bee. The petals are not only there as colour and shape signals, the petals also have a "listening" function that reacts to the sound vibrations of the bees' buzz.

Nature is almost never quiet and tranquil as many people suspect. Bird and animal life use sound actively and now it seems, do plants. Being aware of the role of good sound in our lives is an important lifestyle step. It's natural!

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