What is ARSA 3D sound and how does it improve the quality of sound?

ARSA - Ambient Responsive Sonic Architecture is an acoustic system developed by STEENSSEN where the architecture of the internal structure of the cabinets and the array of driver units gives a time-lapse dispersal of the sound you are listening to so that you get a more natural surround effect when listening.

ARSA also takes into account that you may be using a flat tv screen above the unit so that sound waves travel up behind the tv and reach your ears giving a deeper and more natural bass resonance.

This intelligent ARSA engineering has been developed and tested by our team and sound design master Frederick Rickmann, the founder of STEENSSEN.

The beauty of ARSA is that you get extremely effective 3D surround effect using our enhanced 2.1 stereo instead of the more complex and expensive multiple channels. If you screen a film or video recorded with multi channel sound you will find that our ARSA surround sound will delight you. The other advantage is that the ARSA format used by STEENSSEN gives you 3D surround effects no matter if the original music or film is recorded for multi-channels or not.

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