AIR is a completely new way of adding great 3D sound to your music, films and tv. If you want to hear clearly what is being said in a drama or on an e-book or even just on the tv news, then AIR is perfect sound for you. AIR gives you a clear pure quality to the sound of speaking and dialogue. Similarly, it is brilliant for piano and guitar music because it is designed specially for these tones.


What you get from AIR is perfectly balanced 3D stereo sound. The "wings" of AIR appear ultra thin just like your tv and here the high tone and mid-tone speakers are positioned. The wings seem to float in the air, a few centimetres from the wall. However AIR is unusual because it also incorporates a woofer bass speaker. This special arrangement allows AIR to be wall-mounted or to be free-standing anywhere you wish.



From any angle, it is easy to understand the natural qualities of AIR. The high light tones, like the delicacy of violins, come from the speakers at the ends of the wings. They are about one metre apart and give you the immediacy of the 3D stereo sound. From above the AIR sound centre seems unbelievably light.



AIR is remarkable because it gives you the whole sound system in one single product.No wires and power to sub-woofers. No bulky fat box screwed on the wall. You get a total sound centre for your entire home. Through Bluetooth you can listen to your music and playlists from your mobile or tablet. The connector panel is at the back so all the plugs are concealed.

AIR+ in Bauhaus White is an up-to-date contemporary interpretation of the modern design masters from the influential European design masters. The deep gloss of the piano lacquer is a heritage handcraft from the Orient and is 7 layers deep.


Know more about STEENSSEN ARSA 3D sound from here - Q&A search 'ARSA'.

ARSA 3D Sound research in Graz

AIR+ Bauhaus White

VAT Included
  • Details

    Speaker setup: 1.5" Treble x 2; 2"x 5"Mid x 2; 5" Bass x 1
    Integrated amplifier: 3 Channels at 80 WATTS
    Frequency response: 30Hz - 20 KHz
    Connectivity: BLUETOOTH aptX V 4.0, HDMI in x 1, HDMI out x1, Digital Optical Toslink x 1, Analog RCA left and right x 1
    Product weight: ~ 4.6 Kg
    Sensitivity: > 90 dB
    Maximum SPL: 98 dB
    LPCM (2 CH/5.1 CH/7.1 CH) through HDMI: YES
    PCM audio: 96K/24 Bit
    Magnetic shielding: NO
    Power adaptor: 110 v - 240 v 50/60 Hz
    Dimensions: W 110 cm x D 4 cm x H 8 cm Wing
    Acoustic Chamber: W 22 cm x D 8 cm x H 22 cm
    Total Space: W 100 cm x D 16 cm (including the wall bracket) x H 23 cm
    Accessories: Remote Control, Instructional Manual, HDMI cable, Wall Mount

    Surround Format: ARSA (Ambient Responsive Sonic Architecture)

    Q&A search 'ARSA'
    Designed in Denmark

    Made in China

  • Accessory

    Want to have a table stand for your AIR? Buy from here.

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    15.0 kg ~ and up

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