The Table Stand for the AIR series was designed in response to demand from you, the customer. Although AIR was created as a wall-mounted sound centre, the design was so unique that many people wanted a greater flexibility. The Table Stand allows you to place the AIR anywhere in your home - and to move it easily whenever you wish.


The secret of AIR's excellent sound, when it is mounted on the wall beneath your tv, is that the back-firing subwoofer plays against the wall. We use the wall to spread the sound in a 3D effect.
In making the AIR more flexible with regard to position, it was also necessary to bring the wall along as well! However in doing so we improved the sound even more.


The really elegant design of the AIR Table Stand is that the shape has been given the best possible form to reflect and spread the bass sound waves from the subwoofer.

In addition the AIR Table Stand is built in solid wood MDF which is a great sonic material.
And the finish is Hawkings Matt Black like the acoustic chamber of your AIR.

AIR Table Stand

  • Dimensions: W 18 cm x D 21.8 cm x H 26 cm
    Weight: 3.1 kg

    Designed in Denmark

    Made in China

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