A book that actually makes you think about how we live in cities.
A photographic debate about the future of our built environment.
How other people in other places have fixed the same challenges as we have. 
Just be inspired.


Frederick Rickmann has been an key figure in the Danish design scene for several decades. With an education in architecture from Scotland, France and Denmark, his design output has been acclaimed through more than 80 international design awards for a wide range of products and projects.
Companies and organisations from Europe to China and South East Asia have all recognised Rickmann’s alternative thinking and inspirational influence.

Rickmann was co -founder of the Scandinavian Design College in 2000. He was a ”co-conspirator” in uniting the Danish design profession into an effective association. In Aarhus he kick-started the elite DESIGNSALON group.


Know more about Frederick Rickmann on:  https://www.1234design.com/rickmann

BLUE and other shapes

SKU: ISBN 978-8797-1455-0-0
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    Author: Frederick Rickmann


    Publisher: 70 Media


    Date of Publishing: 2019 June 10

    Printed by ScandianvianBook A/S., Aarhus, Denmark

    Language: English

    Country of Origin: Denmark


    ISBN 978-8797-1455-0-0


    Pages: 200

    Printed in color on 170 g matt silk coated paper

    Dimensions: W 21 cm x H 21 cm x D 1,5 cm

    Weight: 800 grams

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