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NEO 8 is the no-nonsense first-mover of the system. This sound centre gives all the features that a household would want of a great home audio system. Design, sound, user-friendliness, easy installation and remarkably affordable prices. As far as possible, NEO 8 is free of unnecessary licence payments to large digital conglomerates so that the value of the product goes directly to the sound alone.

The NEO family of sound systems is a completely new concept in hifi in the home. The system consists of series of loudspeaker systems that bring the quality of sound and design to new levels and all at affordable prices.


Central to the concept is that the products are designed for the century we are living in. They are designed, engineered and manufactured in Scandinavia, mainly in the hifi cluster around the City of Sound – Struer in Denmark. The cabinets, speaker drivers, finishes and electronics are all Danish parts.


The materials and processes are all sustainable and the detailing is based on STEENSSENs advanced 3R’s concept:
Repair, Reuse and Recycle.

STEENSSEN’s systems are all based on the idea that the electronics from which we stream our music. E-books and films are all fully capable of delivering the right content. STEENSSEN is simply the device that adds in the quality. As such there is no STEENSSEN app. No software to fiddle with and complicate things. No updates needed.

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kr8,500.00 Regular Price
kr4,675.00Sale Price
  • Details

    Dimensions: 80 cm W x 28 cm D x 8 cm H (without the feet)
    Weight: 15 kg
    Power Adaptor: 110 v - 240 v 50/60 Hz

    Connectivity: Bluetooth 5, HDMI ports x 2, Digital Optical, Analog RCA
    Amplifier: 240 WATTS
    Sound format: ARSA (Ambient Responsive Sonic Architecture)

    Q&A search 'ARSA' https://www.steenssen.com/faq
    Built in subwoofer
    Accessories: IR Remote control, Instructional Manual, HDMI cable

    Designed in Denmark


    Made in Denmark

  • Design

    In Denmark we say that good design is when you cannot take more away. This no-nonsense thinking lets us keep the features you need - and get rid of the other features that are just a waste. Instead you get higher quality. Simple.

    The visual design is understated - the sound is trully amazing!

  • Shipping and handling

    Domestic Shipping, Denmark

    Standard Shipping and Handling, Est. Delivery Time: 2-5 business days

    Weight Range


    0.0 kg ~ 1.0 kg

    kr  50

    1.0 kg ~ 3.5 kg

    kr  100

    3.5 kg ~ 15.0 kg

    kr  250

    15.0 kg ~ and up

    kr  390

    International Shipping

    Standard Shipping and Handling, Est. Delivery Time: 3-10 business days

    Weight Range


    0.0 kg ~ 1.0 kg

    kr  55

    1.0 kg ~ 3.5 kg

    kr  110

    3.5 kg ~ 15.0 kg

    kr  305

    15.0 kg ~ and up

    kr  445

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