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Tobaksgaarden 3, 1, 8700 Horsens, Denmark

The SPECIAL EDITION of TT GRAND has a very different appearance from the standard version. All the forward firing speakers are exposed for even purer sound and include detailed technological improvements. The display panel on TT GRAND SE is redesigned to match the open style and has a different type of user interface. The SPECIAL EDITION of TT GRAND includes large hyper performance solid bronze reflex ports finely milled to give you awesome performance.


Know more about STEENSSEN ARSA 3D sound from here - FAQ search 'ARSA'.


kr 10.999,00Price
  • Dimensions: W 110 cm x D 31,5 cm x H 14,5 cm
    Connectivity: BLUETOOTH, HDMI, Digital Optical, Analog RCA
    Amplifier: 3 channels at 80 WATTS
    Weight: 14,5 kg
    Power Adaptor: 110 v - 240 v 50/60 Hz
    Accessories: STEENSSEN Remote Control x 1, Instructional Manual, HDMI cable

    Designed in Denmark  https://www.1234design.com/

    Made in China