Sound Advice

These notes are to help you get the most from your STEENSSEN sound centre. Your product is really easy to set up and to play your favourite music at high quality. But you will still find that there are ways to make fine adjustments that will give you even better sound. Some of these notes are made from our own experience - some are from feedback and comments from other users like yourself.


All STEENSSEN sound centres are designed to give great 3D sound. That means that the sound has to flow freely from the sound centre in all directions. ACTION and TT Grand are best placed on furniture with normal surfaces like wood or plastic laminate. There is an air gap under these sound centres and that should be kept open. Similarly, they both play well on a hard floor. If you position them on carpet or a soft textile, the sound will be muffled to a certain extent. It is easy to place a tv screen on top of ACTION and TT Grand and they are easily strong enough for that weight.

AIR is best mounted on a wall in a position that is under or above a tv screen. The best sound is however is achieved when the wing of AIR is about the same height at the ear of the listener. You can also buy a Table Stand for AIR. The stand is specially shaped acoustically like a musical instrument to give you the best performance. Using the AIR Table Stand, you can freely move AIR to where ever you wish without wall mounting.

Connecting to your tv

The best way to connect your STEENSSEN sound centre to your tv is to use an Optical Cable. Optical Cables will give you the best sound quality. Most modern tv's have Optical Cable connectors. Connect the cable to your tv first and switch on the tv. You will see the optical signal from the tv as a red light at the end of the cable. This end, you connect to your STEENSSEN sound centre. Its as easy as that. Then select OPT on your STEENSSEN remote control. The display panel will show a white light in the OPT position. 

On some older types of tv you may find that the optical link does not work immediately. If you experience that, simply go into your tv's sound options and choose "PCM". The STEENSSEN Instructional Manual you have received also shows more detailed connection choices


Controlling your sound

Keeping it Simple is one of STEENSSEN's main concepts. You can experience this first hand when you control your sound centre. You have a remote control in your hand and on the sound centre there is a bar with LED lights. The position of the LED lights is the same as the button positions on your remote. Your STEENSSEN Instruction Manual contains many of the details you need - but there are some tips from users that you might find useful.

When you switch on, it will take about 12 seconds for computer to set itself for optimal quality. When you switch from mode to mode - such as from Bluetooth to OPT - the switch over takes 3 seconds.  

There are 30 steps in the volume control - and there are 7 LED lights that indicate the volume. Each time you press the volume button, the sound increases or decreases as you wish - and an LED light is shown for each 5 steps. 

For bass and treble there are 4 LED light levels. The LED in the centre is the neutral position. Your STEENSSEN is a unique brand in that you have these tone controls on the remote. Many users find that they adjust the tone controls frequently. Films, documentaries, streaming, tv news are all better with tone controls set to match your preferences and the room you are in. 

The small cross on the display bar on TT SE, ACTION and AIR is the infra-red window that your remote transmits to. Just aim for the cross. On TT the infra-red receiver is at the top of the display bar.

Many users find that when they are listening to music at a low sound level, they like to increase the bass sound. Similarly when they play loud music, the bass can be reduced slightly to suit. 



Bluetooth is a great way of sending your music to the STEENSSEN Sound Centre without using cables. But the system in general has its limitations as you probably have experienced if you use Bluetooth regularly. The Bluetooth system only connects one device at a time. So if you are streaming from your tablet and also your mobile phone, you will have to choose one of them and close the other.

If you still run into frustrations, we have built in some help. You can reset the STEENSSEN Bluetooth configuration simply be pressing the button for TV or OPT or AUX on the remote control - and the back again to Bluetooth. That resets the Bluetooth system in the computer. 

When all else fails

As you probably appreciate, your STEENSSEN product does a lot of things that you previously needed a large stack of black boxes and miles of cable to achieve. There is a lot of innovative electronics built in and its all controlled by a pretty neat computer. But a computer is still only a computer even in these technological times. There may be an occasion when things seem not to function as you wish. If that occurs, simply switch off the power at the button on the back, pull out the power cable and then replace and switch on again. Restarting the power lets the computer reset itself. 

If you have several STEENSSEN Sound Centres, make sure you use the power supply which you received with each product. The actual power supply unit is used to tell the built-in computer how to control the amplifiers and loudspeakers. For example, the power supply for TT Grand gives different information than from an ACTION power supply. The difference can be heard.